Wednesday, November 7, 2007


As I was watching the morning news today I couldn’t help but think…does luck really favor the “prepared mind” as Louis Pasteur once said? If so, how prepared can a person be? Do we make our own luck or is it “fated”? I’ve always considered myself to be a lucky person, people even call me lucky! I’ve been told, oh, you’re so lucky, you’ll get the promotion, you’ll be elected, you’ll win the lotto, etc, etc, etc. Fortunately for me, these things have all occurred at one time or another. But I wonder, was it a product of my own attitude and expectation or am I just a “blessed” individual? When I think of all the absolutely wonderful people I have met and the fascinating places I’ve been all over the world, I can’t believe my luck!

I do have certain “good luck” superstitions. For instance, picking up the traditional “lucky penny”, (I always thought the penny itself was lucky, but some people say it needs to be “face up”). What do you think? Isn’t one limiting their luck by stipulating that it needs to be face up? Have you ever been in a lottery line, chatting with other want-to be millionaires and someone will invariably say, “have you ever won?… I never win”! Sometimes this makes me think why are you even spending your money if you don’t believe you can win?? This does bring me to confess that I do dabble in numerology when I play the lottery and certain other things. On one of my visits to India I was given a book on numerology by Chiero. It’s a much respected book on the subject and quite readable. If anyone’s interested I’ll expound on this subject at a later time.
Getting back to what started me thinking about this whole idea of luck in the first place was an event on the news. A big storm, actually made the hurricane classification, is making its way up the coast. What do you see on the TV? A couple, husband and wife I assume, were, at least chest deep in the surf holding their baby as hugh waves were crashing about and dangerous rip tide warnings were posted!! How’s that for “testing ones luck’?? In turn it made me reflect on the previous day’s news reporting that many island people were missing and killed when the very same storm swept away their villages in a flood of raging waters. I feel certain that none of these people were “testing their luck”!

Was it possible for some of them to have altered their luck with a “prepared mind”? What do you think? Give me your feed-back.

As always, Good Luck….Educate me!
Lucky Bitto

PS: Do you have a good luck story to share?

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